“Let the children come to me and don’t prevent them
because the Kingdom of heaven belongs to these.”
Matthew 19:14
True North Kindergarten Readiness Tutoring offers a nurturing Christian environment for kids between the ages of 4 and 5. Our one teacher to six student ratio offers an excellent one on one learning environment. Daily activities at our facility are designed to help children continue to make decisions on their own and in the classroom. We prepare them for the next stage of education while giving them a place to feel comfortable and safe to explore their interest.


Kathy Huner
By Forrest Church, originally posted on September 2, 2014 in The Village Reporter 
Kathy Huner, known by twenty-nine years’ worth of children as Mrs. H, is passionate about children. Twenty-nine years ago, she became the assistant to Ginni Neuenschwander, the administrator of the Emmaus Lutheran Preschool and soon after found herself in the administrative role. Kathy received her certification to teach preschool and for 29 years, multiple children prepared for kindergarten in her classroom. She has always enjoyed teaching and incorporating her own passions such as healthy homemade cooking into hands-on learning for her students. For instance, the letter “A” has included cooking asparagus and dipping animal crackers in Nutella.

After teaching for 29 years at Emmaus, Kathy felt led in another direction and had a vision for another type of school. She researched her options through the Ohio Child and Family Services and discussed how her vision might fit into the mission of her church True North. Kathy and spouse Lindsay have become very active in their community, mission minded church.

This fall, this vision will become a reality as she begins a new adventure in her life. Backed by the support of her Pastor Rex Stump, Kathy will welcome up to twelve students to the True North Kindergarten Readiness Tutor School, six in her morning session and six in her afternoon session. She is quick to emphasize that this is not a preschool but rather a kindergarten readiness school with a low student to teacher ratio which will allow for lots of one to one learning. The school which will be housed at the True North Ministry Center on Linfoot Street will feature a Christian based education.

While Kathy is the only teacher, she is definitely not the only adult who will have the privilege to spend time with the students. Pastor Rex Stump, Associate/Worship Pastor Dave Chumchal, and youth/assistant Pastor Landon Schaffner will also play a role in teaching Biblical based lessons. Kathy who plans to incorporate prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance, and a lot of music including guitar, says “The pastors are all very excited. It is an open arms feeling to reach out and serve the community.”

Kathy shares, “I’m really excited. My biggest goal right now is to get ready for kindergarten. We have a vision for this school, to serve the youth and the community, and we are excited at what it may grow into.” Kathy anticipates the success of this school will grow from word of mouth in the community.

Kathy is blessed by the support of her church, friends, and family. “My husband has been so supportive.” Spouse Lindsay who has a knack for construction smiles and shrugs, “Kids break things, things need fixed.” Together, they are working to have her room ready for her eager students in a few weeks.

Both Kathy and her husband have been impressed by True North’s closing quote on Sunday mornings… “Go and be the church.” To Kathy who states, “My gift is to teach young children,” being the church means reaching out to children in her community.