No or Yes?

Trying to say “No” to unhealthy things and saying “Yes” to healthy things in my life can be a constant battle.   When I say “unhealthy,” I’m referring to physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual things.  What are the things in my life that could possibly hurt my body, my mind, or my soul?  I need to avoid those things, right?
It’s not just saying “no” to the bad stuff – I must also say “yes” to that which is healthy.  What would be good for me physically?  Emotionally? Intellectually? Spiritually?
There are thousands of resources at the tips of our fingers to guide us in the right direction.  We have self-help books, classes, blogs and posts, opinions and studies, and the list goes on.   Yet armed with all these resources, saying “no” or “yes” to what is healthy, or unhealthy seems incredibly difficult.
Using our own strength and will power, we may fast, boycott, or experiment with methods that help us say “no” or “yes.” And still we struggle!  So what do we do?
There is an answer!  If you believe in Jesus Christ, you carry that answer with you…and within you!
This Sunday, as we continue through Romans 8, I’m pumped to share with you how Paul handled this struggle!
See you Sunday….
Pastor Rex